Stunt Rigging Course Schedule

Stunt Rigging course dates - Australia

Level 1 Stunt Rigging


Enrolments are open for the 5 Day Level 1 Stunt Rigging course in Australia.


Learn the science and art of stunt rigging at the Ap8 Stunt training facility on the Gold Coast, Australia. The home of This 5-day intensive Stunt rigging level 1 course is purely dedicated to Stunt Rigging and performing in rigs.


Dates: 2020 TBA

Times: 8am to 4:30pm Monday to Friday

Price: $3500AUD

Location: TBA



Level 2 Stunt Rigging



Enrollments are open for the 5 Day Level 2 Stunt Rigging course in Australia.



Level 2 Stunt Rigging (or stunt rigging training program for intermediate and advanced riggers) is a 5-day course that is for those who have completed Level 1 (or basic stunt rigging program). This course dives deeper into the theory and practical side of stunt rigging.


Dates: 2020 TBA

Price: $3500 (Australian Dollars)

Times: 8am to 4:30pm Monday to Friday

Location: TBA



LEVEL 1 STUNT RIGGING: NOVEMBER 2016 Dear Keir, Thank you so much for the opportunity to attend your L1 Stunt Rigging Course. I was blown away by the amount of knowledge I’ve already taken away from this course. Thank you as well for sharing so many of your own personal anecdotes and technical rig work . It really gave me an understanding of how rigs work and the first step to creating some great ideas of my own. Your knowledge in this area is astounding. When will you be holding Level 2?!

- Mel

I attended the Ap8 Rigging course with Keir and his team. I flew halfway around the world from Ireland to do it and I am so glad I did. I was very impressed with the course, great attention to detail, importance of the fundamentals and doing things correctly. Keir's team are a perfect reflection of him, they are friendly, professional and strive for perfection. great atmosphere and trust between everyone and I've made lifelong friends from the experience! 5 stars

- Ronan

The Level 1 Stunt Rigging Course is pure gold.. Insanely informative and practical, that it allows you to step right out of the Course and start implementing your new skills right away! I've been a Rigger for 10 years and hands down this has been the best Course I have attended.. a must for any Stunt Rigger!

- Dan Weaver

I highly recommend anyone, from any industry that uses rigging or ropes to get into AP8 and onto one of the courses they provide. You wont find a greater atmosphere for learning or group of instructors this hell bent on teaching you everything they know. Jason Brown



I had an absolute ball on the course. I can't think back to a moment on the course where I wasn't totally thrilled to be there. I got the chance to lock in a bunch of new tricks and found myself reevaluating and repurposing everything I already use in my day to day with a stunt rig twist. I have already high recommended the course to everyone I know and look forward to catching up with you in the near future.

The only negative thing I could possibly say about the course is that you don't sell yourself anywhere near enough. It was 100 times more valuable and enjoyable than I ever expected.

I could talk about how awesome it was all day but you said you wanted "short feedback" about the course.


Jason B Queensland


Thank you very much for putting on the Rigging Course.  I appreciate your patience, calmness, and overall style of teaching and leadership.  The course was awesome, as were you, the team of assistants, the literature and course manual you put together, as well as the AP8 facility.  I learned heaps and am excited to see where this additional knowledge leads me.  I will continue to practice and learn.  It was a very worthwhile investment.


Michael F NSW

"Keir is an absolute master of his craft and is a fantastic teacher of it as well. His attention to detail is unbelievable and what is more he is able to communicate the importance of this to his students in the specific context of stunt rigging applications. The course breaks down the basics in an easy to understand manner for even those who have little experience with the ropes but also fills in the gaps in the knowledge of more experienced students. In addition, the course gives the student exposure to a great many concepts and ideas that are not used on a day to day basis on every film set but seeing these opens up your mind to the possibilities of stunt rigging and the many ways to do things. In short it is a fantastic course and one I can't recommend enough".


Jamie S New Zealand