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With our background in stunts, film and television has dominated our work in Australia as well as abroad. Rigging has become increasingly more involved and the demand for complex and exciting action sequences places an unprecedented demand on stunt departments to innovate new technology and ideas. As a dedicated team of riggers and performers, the AP8 Team have built a massive knowledge base covering simple rigs up to the most complex. Always with the highest degree of safety. 


Specialised Rigging



Rain forest trees, mountains, rock faces, canyons, lakes, river & caves. Any unique environment where you need specific rigging, AP8 can provide advice, equipment and service to help realise your project. Whether it is film, documentary, photographic or research, our crew has refined the art of rigging in sensitive environments. We use tailored gear to minimize the footprint and impact on any area. With 28 years experience rigging in trees, setting up support platforms or simple hammocks. We create advanced hauling systems for gear and personnel, especially during Search Filming and photography. Low Impact rigging has become our speciality. 

Email info@ap8actionpact.com to request a quote for your next specialised rigging job. 

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