Rigging Workshop - Berlin2017



Stand by for dates soon for the 2017 Level 1 and 2 stunt rigging courses

What you will learn!!

Day 1: Introduction to Stunt Rigging: How rigging is used to create action.

Rigging techniques and skills that are current to the film industry.
Safety and Stunt Rigging: Keeping yourself and fellow performers safe while building trust with cast and crew.
Identifying the three styles of rigging: rigging for picture, combined rigging and rigging for illusion.
The importance of gaining rapport: Your work ethic and how you get along with others is the key to your success.
Ropes, knots, and splices. Which ones are best for the job and what to avoid.

Day 2: Rigging Gear, Systems & Environments

The what, why’s and how’s of rigging equipment.
Pulley systems and ratios.
Analyzing rigging systems from around the world.
Rigging experiences from around the world – learn what works and what fails and why.

Day 3: Rig Design and implementation

What it takes to put a rig together
Setting marks and knowing how to rate a system.
Design and implementation -- from storyboard to the physical.
Harnesses and fittings. The correct way to fit harnesses and learn why it is critical!
Operating & performing pendulum rigs, rolling bridal systems, and slacklines.  

Day 4: Be in Rigs

Operate and perform in different types of rigging, Gain vital feedback and experience from each system. This is a valuable time where you can learn what your strengths and weaknesses are in each of the rigs that you work with. This will give you



Day 5:


Continue operating and performing in the rigs. At the end of the day, we will have snacks and social time. This is the perfect opportunity to share stories and experiences as well as get advice on how to continue developing your rigging skills.


Stunt Rigging course
Stunt Rigging course
Stunt Rigging course
Stunt Rigging course
Stunt Rigging course
Stunt Rigging course