Stunt Training

AP8 holds Stunt Training classes open to the public on Tuesday nights. Training sessions cover a wide range of skills from fundamental rolling, fighting and falling skills through to advanced wire work, fight choreography and high falls and a plethora of skills in between. You will learn about the film industry, including how to promote yourself, how to work best in a team and you will be networking with all the right people. All your training can be logged towards your stunt grading. 

Body Control

Fight Skills and Reactions

Falls and Wrecks

Working with Vehicles

Military Training


Testimonial: Kelly Young

From the first moment I stepped through the doors of AP8 Gym, I absolutely had no doubt in my mind that I was standing in a world class facility.

Surrounded by such incredibly talented trainers & performers with countless years of experience in the film industry collectively, all willing and open to share their knowledge and talent with those who are willing to take the time to listen & learn.

The gym is immaculate! The training space is open and only limited to nothing less than your imagination along with the boundless stunt rigging facilities and equipment.... the atmosphere is electric!!

I have also undertaken the AP8 - Level 1 Stunt rigging course which was an incredible learning experience for me. I has been taught the fundamental skills, knowledge and basic understating of stunt rigging & what it takes to perform in a rig. I believe all stunt performers should experience this opportunity to learn from one of the most sort after & talented Stunt Coordinators in the film industry- Keir Beck.

I have since been stunt training at AP8 Gym for many years now and I have learnt more than I could imagine over this time.

Thank you to all of the AP8 team & all the performers that I training together with for countless hours each week - keep up the amazing ENERGY!!

The atmosphere is addictive!

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