5 Day Stunt Intensive

Run By Stunt Coordinator Keir Beck



Want to know how to start your journey as a professional stunt performer?

If you’re an actor looking to complete your physical skillset or a performer wanting a career in stunts and film action, AP8’s Level 1 Stunt Training course is the one-stop solution.

At AP8’s dedicated stunt training facility on the Gold Coast, you’ll learn from Keir Beck and his team.

For 5 days, they share decades of industry experience to simulate real-world conditions and provides you the confidence to take your new skills straight to a working film set.

Working with you alongside Beck are specialist stunt instructors from big-budget action films including San Andreas, The Matrix, Casino Royale and Hacksaw Ridge.

Ask around – no other stunt course in Australia give you access to this degree of talent, experience and industry-leading stunt and safety equipment.

Course content has been developed by a panel of industry experts and includes:

Armed and unarmed fight choreography
Wirework and stunt rigging
Climbing and high falls
Body control fundamentals
Car hits and stunt vehicle control
Safety and on-set communication protocols.

You’ll also be photographed and filmed throughout the 5-day course and receive all footage on completion – ideal material for your stunt or screen acting showreel.

You will cover 4 categories within the grading procedure in detail:

    High falls

Body control

    Fundamental body control skills
    Fight choreography
    Free running
    Obstacle course movement
    Car hits
    Mini tramp


    Working in water - fights with props and rigging

Fire burns (not mandatory for SAP grading)

    Safety requirements and procedures
    Burn materials - fire gel, fuels and clothing

Additional topics covered:

Understanding and implementing safety reports and procedures
Performing and acting
Film set etiquette
Department and production structure
Military movement and tactics
Performing in Wardrobe
Teamwork and team building exercises
Marketing yourself
International networking and how that works
Youtube and multi-media marketing
Goal setting

Each day will start with a short session of Ultra Fit Training (UFT) and stretch, followed by theory and then continuous practicals.

Assessment Day:

On the final day of Level 1 Stunts, you will face the instructor's panel for an assessment of your skills. This assessment is to give you valuable feedback on where you will need to improve or add to your skill sets.
We will also spend time that afternoon giving you information about where to go next and how you can prepare your application.

Mentor programs and membership deals are also available for those wanting to continue training.

Included in the price of your course is a 1-month full membership to train at AP8, this will give you access to a large network of stunt performers and coordinators.

Dates: 29th Jan to 2nd Feb 2018


Price: $2750



In the time I have spent at AP8 I can honestly say the staff will leave a positive lasting impression. Their duty of care and the attention to detail are unmatched. They earned my trust and made my experience an absolute pleasure. I will be recommending them to anyone and everyone who seeks stunt training. Well done guys.

Shannon, Qld

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LEVEL 1 STUNT TRAINING COURSE: JUNE 2016 I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Keir and the whole team at AP8 for making my Level 1 Stunt Training Course such an unforgettable experience. For me having no experience in the field of stunts and being pretty nervous to start, all the trainers showed a lot of patience and exceptional knowledge when teaching so we could learn each skill from the ground up. I also learned a lot about wheat it means to become a Stunt Person and can’t wait to keep learning more so hopefully one day, I’ll be able to walk on set too. Thanks again!

– Mel

I completed the 2016 stunt course and thought it was exceptional. The instructors were knoweledgable and friendly, and the range of skills covered went above and beyond those needed to become a qualified stunt performer. This course is invaluable to anyone wishing to make stunts into a career.

- Heather

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