Stunts 2.5

Introducing Ap8's new stunt training course.

Stunts 2.5

This 6 day course goes beyond any other stunt course.
Fundamental training takes place at our Ap8 stunt training facility on the Gold Coast, with all the practicals done around some of the Gold Coasts most spectacular locations.

Stunts 2.5 pushes each student as if you were working on a production and doing big days, the training is laced with military style PT classes and stunt endurance training.

Activities include: Seal team 6 water training, archery, breath hold training, flying fox river crossings, rain forest survival rope course, canyoning and water fall rappelling, tree climbing, rock climbing, stunt rigging, fire burns, high falls and heaps of stunt fundamentals and fighting. One night camping trip on location.

Think of this course as stunt training meets Survivor.

April 9th to 14th 2018

Contact Sarah for more details: