Actionpact Pty Ltd (referred as AP8) is an Equal Opportunity Organisation. AP8 policy dictates a strict adherence to relevant legislation relating to safety, relations and equity. AP8 staff members are expected to promote and embrace AP8 standards, policies and procedures.

Enrolment into a course with AP8 is subject to the terms, conditions and policies outlined in our pre-enrolment information as detailed below.


AP8 is committed to delivering fair, reasonable, ethical and transparent dealings in all of its undertakings including:

  • Client information

  • Confidentiality

  • Complaints and appeals

  • Fee structure

  • Guarantee

  • Corporate policy

  • Training standards

  • Marketing

  • Equity

  • OHS


AP8 agrees to provide access to available enrolment positions for all persons who have the relevant skills, experience and ability to satisfactorily meet enrolment requirements for behaviour, safety, course/qualification pre-requisites, payment of fees, and the observance of AP8 policy.

AP8 may seek to terminate the enrolment of a student if they:

  • Do not comply with proper safety procedures including the wearing of appropriate clothing and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for a given workplace when training occurs, or on the job or simulated workplace situation.

  • Fail to attend training sessions to a minimum level set for competence.

  • Have not accurately or honestly disclosed all information relevant to their enrolment and participation in the training with AP8, including relevant matters relating to health, work history, skills and experience, criminal conviction (where appropriate) etc.

  • Have provided false or misleading information.

  • Commit an offence under the law while in the training environment or at a workplace, breach safe work practice, or otherwise act in a manner detrimental to the wellbeing of AP8, other students or persons, or themselves.  This includes the use or consumption of any drugs or alcohol.

  • Do not comply with the confidentiality rights of other persons.

Enrolment in a course is not secured until payment is made. Payment must be made five (5) working days prior to the commencement of the course otherwise a learner may not be able to attend unless prior arrangements have been made with AP8 staff.

AP8 reserves the right to cancel an enrolment without notice, if after twelve (12) months; a learner has not completed and achieved their qualification.  If some of the qualification has been completed, a statement of attainment will be issued for those units completed.  If a learner is having difficulty meeting this deadline, AP8 may grant extensions under certain circumstances.  It is the learner’s responsibility to meet the deadline and/or make appropriate arrangements.  This statement should be read in conjunction with our refund policy.


All participants must be over the age of 18 to participate in a course with AP8 unless express and written permission from a parent or guardian is supplied and is accepted by the appropriate AP8 TRAINING staff member.

Learners will need to have a good command of written and spoken English.

Participants Charter

All participants in AP8 courses and programs have a right to:

  • Be treated with respect and dignity.

  • A safe learning environment free from danger, abuse or harassment.

  • Recognition of their particular needs and circumstances including: beliefs, ethnic background, cultural and religious practices.

  • Have access to their own records on request.

  • The opportunity for feedback on services provided.

  • Receive a copy of and have access to our complaints process.

Participant Responsibility

As a condition of entry into AP8 programs, participants are expected to:

  • Respect the rights of others.

  • Be punctual for classes and appointments.

  • Notify AP8 if they are unable to attend classes or appointments.

  • Promote an effective learning environment through good personal behaviour.

  • Encourage equal opportunity.

  • Observe any non-smoking restrictions.

  • Seek approval from authorised AP8 staff for the use of AP8 IT equipment, assets, rigging equipment, etc.

  • Be responsible for their own possessions.

  • Be aware of and promote the safety of themselves and others.

  • Meet the required dress standard which is defined as smart casual.  Further details may be provided in your course welcome email.

  • Provide at least 7 days notice if they do not intend to commence a course they are booked into.

INDUCTION / orientation

Participants may be required to undergo an induction/orientation prior to course commencement.  This process may include details on course delivery, policies, procedures, appeals, access and equity, OHS, etc as provided in this document.


All assessments conducted by AP8 will conform to assessment guidelines set out by AP8 or the assessment criteria attached to specific courses.

Assessment usually takes place by way of assignments and course exercises. However these are flexible and at the AP8 trainer’s discretion in some courses as long as they meet AP8 guidelines and minimum requirements for competency in the specific course.

Students are required to be competent in all areas to receive an overall competency mark (C).

Elements that may be included (depending on course) in the assessment process are:

  • Comprehensive understanding of the course material.

  • Correct and safe use of all equipment.

  • Personal presentation appropriate to the environment.

  • Verbal and non-verbal communication.

  • Problem solving. For example: learning to learn, decision making, creative thinking.

  • Positive helpful attitude towards others and the organisation.

  • Respect for the understanding of all cultures and beliefs.

  • Working with others in teams.

  • Organising own schedules to achieve goals.

As a rule of thumb, participants will generally be given three (3) opportunities to be assessed for competency in a given course or program.  However, AP8 may allow for further assessment opportunities where it feels there are special circumstances which are negatively affecting the outcome of assessment or where the client presents a case that AP8 feels is valid.  In such circumstances, AP8 may seek assistance from an outside source (coordinator, other industry expert etc).
Where a client has been assessed three times and is still Not Yet Competent (NYC), AP8 may refuse further assessment if it feels there is little chance of the client becoming Competent.

The participant may appeal this decision in writing to the AP8 Compliance Manager or Managing Director who will consider the matter and advise the client in writing of the outcome.  This process is outlined in Complaints and Appeals.

A flexible assessment process will be undertaken to consider the needs of people with special situations.
In this case, flexibility will not lessen the overall value of a course program but should be seen as a willingness to take different avenues to reach results with the qualification retaining the same worth and value.

The results and details of all assessments will be recorded and kept on file for the purpose of auditing and, where applicable, will be forwarded to, or included in, reports to the Registering Authority.  In line with AP8 policies, clients will have access to personal information and will be advised of all outcomes in writing.

Fee Structure

All fees are competitive when compared to others in the marketplace, and may be varied or discounted at the discretion of AP8 to assist individuals, or secure corporate contracts.

The cost of a course is dependent upon delivery and assessment methods and a separate guide to these costs may be provided as an attachment to this information or on our website.


AP8 will ensure that fees paid in advance of course delivery shall be protected by having such funds entered into AP8 accounts as “Unearned Income,” which may not be drawn upon until such time as delivery has commenced.

Refund Policy

Refunds will be granted at the discretion of AP8.  There are no exceptions to our Refund Policy.
Refunds will be given if notice of cancelation is received seven (7) days prior to the course commencement.  Refunds will be granted on return of the welcome pack.  Any learner who has been granted a payment plan by AP8 will be considered for a refund at the discretion of the AP8.  If a third party (i.e. a learner’s employer paying for them) fails to pay within the stated terms then the learner’s enrolment will be cancelled without notice.  If you wish to seek a refund, please apply in writing (email, fax or post).  All refunds will incur a fee which equates to 10% of the course cost.

For In-house Courses:
In the case where a company has utilised AP8 to deliver a course in-house, any requests for refunds, where eligible, will be granted on a per-student basis, as per the AP8 refund policy.  The minimum deposit fee for in-house courses is non-refundable.


A transfer of enrolment to another or later course may occur if notice is provided at least seven (7) days prior to the commencement of the original enrolled course.  Transfer of an enrolment to another or later course can occur if the full course fee has been paid or a non-refundable deposit is paid on transfer with the balance payable seven (7) days prior to the commencement of the new course.  

Transfers are limited to 2 transfers per learner per course. AP8 does not allow any more transfers after that.  If a learner seeks to transfer their enrolment for a third time, the enrolment will be cancelled and the learner will need to resubmit a new enrolment form for the new course date and will be required to pay the full course price for the new enrolment.


AP8 embraces an ongoing policy of open communication and encourages feedback and dialogue with all students to assist with meeting student needs and concerns as well as for ongoing improvement of AP8 services.

AP8 would appreciate feedback in regard to your opinions, satisfaction, or other views about AP8 operations, policies, procedures and training delivery and assessment.

AP8 will analyse and utilise this feedback and communication to:

Review its policies and procedures and
Plan for improvement

Feedback can be supplied directly to facilitators, other AP8 staff, or as written suggestions which may include the use of AP8 feedback forms.


All admissions to AP8 courses shall be determined fairly without consideration for an applicant’s gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, personal beliefs, handicap, etc, unless such items pose a reasonable argument for non enrolment on the grounds of safety or capacity to undertake the role, or if it is in opposition to the laws of the land or AP8 code of conduct:

Applicants will be assessed on their:

Successfully meeting course pre-requisites including appropriate qualifications and experience.
Demonstrating a capacity and willingness to adhere to AP8 standards and code of conduct.
Ability to undertake the course in a manner that encourages a fair, safe and enjoyable learning environment.
Other items as determined for specific courses on a time to time basis.


AP8 policy does not allow for the discrimination of an individual by virtue of their gender, sexual orientation, religion, culture, political beliefs, handicaps or personal background providing it has no direct, reasonable and legal bearing on the individual’s performance within the position, or on the safety, or well being of the applicant or others.

All persons will be treated fairly and have their application considered on the basis of its merits.


AP8 will not disclose the personal details of its employees/students/contractors, or associates except as they expressly permit.



Where students are in breach of AP8 policy, state or territory legislation, are disruptive, rude, unsafe, or fail to meet acceptable standards of good behaviour, AP8 may take steps to address the situation.  Depending on the nature and severity of the problem, AP8 may choose to resolve the issue by mediation which will be recorded on student files and written copies and outcomes supplied to the student.  Where the issue is more serious or is unable to be resolved, AP8 may seek to apply sanctions, suspension, or expulsion to the student or, where relevant, refer the matter to more appropriate authorities or authorised bodies.  All such action will be recorded with written outcomes supplied to the student(s) involved.


AP8 takes all complaints seriously and enrolled students can use the following process where they feel it necessary.

The issue should be raised directly with the facilitator or, if preferred, with AP8 staff.

If the complainant is unhappy with the result, they may then take action as per STEP 2.

The complainant may raise the issue in writing with AP8 or have AP8 staff take notes regarding the complaint. After receiving the written/noted complaint, AP8 will receipt the complaint and will arrange for a confidential personal interview as soon as practically possible, preferably within 48 hours.
This interview will attempt to resolve the complaint either between the parties involved or between the complainant and AP8.
If the complaint cannot be resolved to the satisfaction of the complainant the grievance will be forwarded to the Managing Director of AP8, info@ap8actionpact.com
If the grievance concerns a AP8 staff member, STEP 2c will automatically follow STEP 1.

All issues, complaints and grievances are taken seriously by the staff and management of our business and will be investigated and acted upon as quickly as possible.

Complainants will be informed in writing about actions taken on their behalf and confidentiality will be maintained to ensure the rights of the complainant are upheld.

Thank you for taking time to read and understand our terms and conditions.