Winch Systems

Programmable Winch Systems

Inmotion has both Single Axis and Multi Axis Winches. Inmotion’s TD1 system runs two drums with a 10:1 safety factor to fly people and cameras. Drum 1 has a top speed of 15m/s and a lifting capacity of 500kg.  Drum 2 has a top speed of 16m/s and a lifting capacity of 250kg. The system offers 2Dflying, flexible, reliable, repeatable motion and massive torque.


The 2D system can take a wide range of camera heads and 3D packages. The new single axis high speed Super MoCam winch comes in two systems. System 1 is designed to carry 100kg with a top speed of 17m/sec (65km). System 2 has a carrying capacity of 45kg and a top speed of 270km. Super MoCam is a high-speed point to point suspended system, that is truly the next step up in performance and safety. The system delivers outstanding stability, offering seamless fluid travel at high speed.


All winches are rated and built to European standards, with multiple braking systems and back ups. Inmotion Rigging have a full workshop for testing and design. This allows us to test or workshop ideas for productions, saving you time and money at the R&D stage of a project. The system specifications allow for full automation, set move function and manual operation. The software has been designed to allow for extremely fast setting changes, saving time and keeping costs down, adding value to your production.


Full Manual Operation: Manual mode allows the operator to do changes during the move from instruction by the Director or DOP. This creates the ability to catch action that may have been lost, and allows for flexible creativity.


Set Move Function: This mode allows the operator to program the move, giving the flexibility to rapidly change any part of the move to suit the action. A great time saver.


Record Mode:This feature allows the operator to record many revisions of the move, store them and then play back moves that suit the action or camera angle. This is also time efficient and allows for great flexibility.